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MGD Assists Companies & Corporations In All Aspects Of Training

Machine Guarding Direct assists corporations in all aspects of Machine Guarding Safety Training to include step by step Work Instruction Placards, Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) Placards and operator/maintenance training to work with the new machine guarding installations. Including:

  • Generate Work Instruction Placards for each Machine Type

  • Identify and Isolate all Energy Sources

  • Identify and label Primary and Secondary energy sources

  • Create LOTO documents for each machine

  • Train your operators and maintenance to work harmonically with these regulated best practice standards

Operator and Maintenance Safety

  • Operator and Maintenance Safety Training is essential and is part of the regulatory machine safe guarding legislation. This generally falls unto the employer to provide all Health and Safety, Lock-Out Tag-Out and operator/maintenance Work Instructions just to name a few.

Classroom Environment

  • Machine Guarding Direct often holds classroom type and group training sessions to inform your team of the potential hazards around your Industrial Machinery. Our presentation content will reflect your primary audience and will be tailored to your individual requirements. We also implement training for operators and or maintenance personnel requiring a deeper understanding of the hazards and machinery controls.

Comprehensive Educational Package

  • The instructor will ensure all attendees have grasped the foundations of the presentation with a multiple choice and short answer quiz, which the employer can keep on file for future reference.