Our Work Process

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Our Work Process

Our unique and proven machine safety assessment process will ensure you are fully compliant and protect your employees from any machinery risk and hazards.

  • Step 01

    Our Machine Safety Assessment is part of your hazard risk assessment process. All details of the manufacturer and model of your machinery are documented, given an MGD Asset Number along with Color Photos, Machinery Risks, Recommendations to meet Compliance, Regulatory and Applicable best practice references to ensure you are meeting the legislation requirements in your geographical area.

  • Step 02

    Corporations that prefer to have a hazard assessment of their entire facility and or locations throughout North America, will require some guidance on where to begin their machine guarding efforts. Machine Guarding Direct assists with the prioritization of your most hazardous machinery and or processes utilizing recognized best practice standards of severity, probability and avoidance.

  • Step 03

    A budget is often required and helpful for management to see the scale of the machine safety upgrades in order to make provisions to proceed with the guarding proposal. Based upon your budget, Machine Guarding Direct can customize a multi-tier process to provide an executable document to management and local authorities in your continuing efforts to achieve compliance in your workplace

  • Step 04

    On-site Measurements of your machinery envelope and distance to hazards are required to ensure an efficient and compliant guarding solution. Stop time measurements maybe performed during the guarding design to ensure the reach and stop distance of the machine is taken into consideration. Electrical and Fluid Power energy sources are reviewed to ensure communication, automation and load holding devices are appropriately applied and isolated in the controls and schematic designs.

  • Step 05

    We fabricate and or source through our multiple vendors the appropriate safety devices and hard guarding solutions for the application. Machine Guarding direct fabricates and installs a combination of Aluminum Extrusion, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate and Wiremesh as an operator barrier to your machinery. From electrical presence sensing devices to control panels, we are the one stop shop for your machine safety application. Machine Guarding Direct is recognized, Licensed and Insured as a General Contractor when the scale of the project is required. We have developed multiple relationships with experts in their fields and we manage and work along side by side efficiently and effectively.

  • Step 06

    As a requirement in all best practice standards, Machine Guarding Direct will enter faults into the safety control system to ensure the system is operating safely as designed. We provide a document after validation showing the successful operation and testing of the control and guarding design system for your peace of mind and for our customers to keep on record. Upon successful validation, we commission the design and ensure the system is productive and operative for your regularly scheduled production demands.